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The introduction of Budapest Hydro Ltd.

Budapest Hydro Ltd. was established in 2009 by Csaba Haranghy who has more than 20 years of experience in the water industry and who is still the CEO and owner of the company. The aim of the company has always been to provide solutions for the anomalies in the water industry, water supply and urban management; to develop equipment, technologies and to implement projects.

Our main activities:    
   - Project management, project development, “projecting” different problem areas
   - Crisis management, change management
   - Risk management of water utilities or other utility companies, conducting risk assessments
   - Comprehensive analysis of water supply networks, risk mapping of pipeline networks
   - Water-loss analysis, leak-detection, increasing energy efficiency and stability
   - Continuous monitoring, benchmarking, and implementation of the operation of companies
   - Digitization, development and management of GIS-based management systems
   - Expert services and consultancy, education
   - Equipment development

Budapest Hydro Ltd. has been cooperating with water utility companies and industrial partners since 2009. Its management is stable, it is profitable, and its assets are growing.

Our main references include many Hungarian water supply companies and water-related companies. Our most important strategic partner is the Hungarian Water Treatment Cluster Ltd, in which we are co-owners.

The main local references of Budapest Hydro Ltd.:
   - Financial project management of the pipeline reconstruction of a county seat
   - The risk analysis and the development of risk management system of
      a County Waterworks Company
   - Strategic counselling to small and medium-sized companies

The main international reference of Budapest Hydro Ltd.:
Project management in the first phase of the reconstruction of the water treatment plants in Labugama and Kalatuwawa, Sri Lanka

Personal professional experience:
Csaba Haranghy, CEO has a 30-year-old experience in leadership and he has been working in the Hungarian and international water industries for more than 20 years. He served as CEO of Budapest Waterworks in two phases for more than 15 years and earlier he had worked as the Deputy CEO of the company for two years. He participated / led the following projects for example:
   - The reconstruction and expansion of the water treatment plants in Labugama and
      Kalatuwawa in Sri Lanka
   - Construction of 36 water-treatment plants in Indonesia
   - Participation in many local and international water rescue operations: for example:
      tsunami in 2005, hurricane Yolanda, floods of river Tisza, Serbia, Albania Selenice etc.
   - Water-loss projects in Thailand, Turkey and Russia
   - Fusion, repurchase, and acquisition of water utility companies
   - Modernisation project of the UKT water utility company in Tirana as the CEO of
     Budapest Waterworks (until 2018)

When being the CEO of Budapest Waterworks he focused on that company naturally. After his resignation in 2019, he started to concentrate on Budapest Hydro Ltd. again.

We are members of the following organisations (either as a company or personally): Hungarian Water Treatment Cluster (, IWA

Currently the staff headcount is two but we would like to expand it to three.

The aging infrastructure, the water supply network deterioration and the tasks of urban management would provide our company continuous work.